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Configuration for Django RESTQL is all namespaced inside a single Django setting named RESTQL, below is a list of what you can configure under RESTQL setting.


The default value for this is query. If you don't want to use the name query as your parameter, you can change it withQUERY_PARAM_NAME on settings file e.g

# file
    'QUERY_PARAM_NAME': 'your_favourite_name'

Now you can use the name your_favourite_name as your query parameter. E.g

GET /users/?your_favourite_name={id, username}


The default value for this is 50. When creating aliases this setting limit the number of characters allowed in aliases. This setting prevents DoS like attacks to API which might be caused by clients specifying a really really long alias which might increase network usage. If you want to change the default value, do as follows

# file
    'MAX_ALIAS_LEN': 100  # Put the value that you want here


The default value for this is True. When using the EagerLoadingMixin, this setting controls if the mappings for select_related and prefetch_related are applied automatically when calling get_queryset. To turn it off, set the AUTO_APPLY_EAGER_LOADING setting or auto_apply_eager_loading attribute on the view to False.

# file
# This will turn off auto apply eager loading globally

If auto apply eager loading is turned off, the method apply_eager_loading can still be used on your queryset if you wish to select or prefetch related fields according to your conditions, For example you can check if there was a query parameter passed in by using has_restql_query_param, if true then apply eager loading otherwise return a normal queryset.

from rest_framework import viewsets
from django_restql.mixins import EagerLoadingMixin
from myapp.serializers import StudentSerializer
from myapp.models import Student

class StudentViewSet(EagerLoadingMixin, viewsets.ModelViewSet):
    serializer_class = StudentSerializer
    queryset = Student.objects.all()

    # Turn off auto apply eager loading per view
    # This overrides the `AUTO_APPLY_EAGER_LOADING` setting on this view
    auto_apply_eager_loading = False
    select_related = {
        "program": "course"
    prefetch_related = {
        "program.books": "course__books"

    def get_queryset(self):
        queryset = super().get_queryset()
        if self.has_restql_query_param:
            queryset = self.apply_eager_loading(queryset)
        return queryset